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Dental crown placements

Renew your smile with our incredible personalised porcelain crowns.

Discover how you can get a beautiful, harmonious and healthy smile with our digital smile design system.

The best part of dental crown placements is that before your treatment we carry out a complete radiological, photographic, video and 3D modelling study, so that you can preview the results before beginning treatment.

The opinion and participation of our patients in aesthetic treatments is necessary in order to achieve the desired aesthetic results and to make you feel a part of the process.

Many patients ask us to put crowns when they have grey stains on their teeth, fillings that are visible or stained, or they don’t like the shape and position of their teeth, and would like a definitive solution to these problems.

For these cases, porcelain crowns are ideal, as they are thin layers that adhere to the external surface of your tooth, provided your biting ability is not compromised.

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