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We welcome you to our dental kiddie corner, where they are the protagonists from the moment they enter the clinic until they leave with their shiny teeth and happy experience with our child specialist, Dr. Cristina Gutiérrez. 

Our paediatric dentist welcomes little ones from the age of 2 onwards to teach them how to brush their teeth and to reinforce this technique, with parents as well as the children themselves. It is essential that teaching children to take care of their teeth be a team effort between the child, the doctor and the parents.

It is necessary to motivate children, and therefore we use techniques to make their dental visit and care a fun experience.

Right after the entrance to the clinic, is a play zone for our Vasaldora Kids. This makes them feel comfortable and relaxed without taking them out of their play routine. They can paint, play, hide in the cabin and unleash their imagination.

Children will love the friendly and caring attention of Dr. Cristina Gutiérrez. Resolve all your doubts and receive tips necessary to take care of your children’s dental hygiene.

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by parents to our Paediatric Dentist:

When should my child visit the dentist for the first time?

We recommend you take your children at the age of 2 in order to motivate them and make
their visit to the dentist a positive experience. And then take them every 6 months for a check-up.

When should we begin to brush our children’s teeth?

When their first tooth erupts, we must begin brushing with a paediatric toothbrush to keep it clean and to get children used to toothbrushes.

How many times should children brush their teeth?

After their first tooth erupts, children must brush their teeth at least twice every day. Once after breakfast and once after dinner. Although brushing after lunch as well would be ideal.

If you get them used to this habit as babies, they’ll think it’s normal and it won’t be a problem or involve greater effort for them when they are older.

How can we motivate children to brush their teeth?

Invent a fun song and sing it only when they are going to brush their teeth. The song must include the name of your child so that they may identify all the more with it.

If this technique is practised from infancy onwards, your child will have no problems in brushing their teeth after the age of 2, which is when they are prone to tantrums.

At Vasaldora Kids, do you teach children how to brush their teeth?

We always teach children how to brush their teeth, both on an artificial mouth as well as their own mouths. This is of course done in the company of parents so they may reinforce this teaching at home.

And if you don’t know how to hold your child when brushing their teeth for them, we’ll teach you that too.

“Our primary objective is the prevention, well-being and education of children.“

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