What make us different

What make us different

Painless Digital Anaesthesia

Children and adults who are apprehensive can ask for painless anaesthesia and have a positive experience.

Conscious sedation

We have a team of anaesthetists so you can have your treatment under conscious sedation.

We avoid metals in the mouth (amalgams, metallic crowns)

We love making crowns without metal and eliminating amalgam fillings to ensure your better health.

Solutions for patients with low bone density

We use a system of special implants (Zygomatic) for patients who have low bone density.

No dental impressions

Instead of taking a dental impression with putty, we scan your mouth digitally.

100% Digital Flow

With our intra-oral scanner, you can have a 3D visualisation of your mouth. This helps our doctors to work digitally for greater precision, and saves our patients a lot of time.

Fixed teeth and implants in just 1 day

Smile with your implants and provisional teeth in place in less than 24 hours.

3D Dental X-ray centre

Our team of radiologists can take all kinds of digital x-rays for your complete diagnosis.

Digital planning and preview of treatments

With our digital system you can view the results of your orthodontic treatment and implants before the procedure.

Digital Smile Design (DSD)

We design your smile digitally before making any changes in your mouth, so you can see the results for yourself before we even begin.

Invisalign: Digital orthodontics

Align your teeth with this incredible transparent system and you can see how your mouth will look before we begin.

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