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Digital smile design

At Vasaldora Clínica Dental, we’re experts in DSD or Digital Smile Design.

With this new advanced protocol of dental aesthetics, our team can use your facial proportions to design a new smile just for you.

If you’re thinking of changing your smile, but you can’t decide whether to go for it, at our clinic you have the chance to preview the results before beginning treatment.

By means of a facial aesthetics study, we can digitally compile all the information required to design your ideal smile on a computer.

What’s best of all is that we’ll create a mockup of this ideal smile on your face so that you can see the final result before the procedure begins.

We place great value on your opinion and participation throughout the treatment process, which is why it’s important for us that you preview the results of your treatment, and we take a decision together.

Our patients love to design their smiles before beginning treatment, as the ability to see a simulation of their face, and the spectacular change in looks provided by a healthy and white smile, removes all doubts they may have before making a decision.

Renew your smile without worrying about the results.


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