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Orthodontics for children

When our children are growing, it’s very important that we take them to the dentist every 6 months to monitor the growth of their maxillary bones.

This makes it easy to detect an accelerated growth of some bones that may alter their bite, which can then be corrected with orthopaedic devices to return their facial and dental harmony.

Children are the happiest patients because the changes in their teeth and bones happen quickly. They also have the capacity to adapt to any dental device that is inserted into their mouths.

Our charming Paediatric Dentist, Dr. Cristina Gutiérrez is in charge of monitoring your children’s teeth every 6 months, and she will inform you when it’s the best time to book a visit to the specialist in Orthopaedics and Braces.

Orthodontics for adults

If you want to have a perfect smile, it’s never too late for braces. We have patients currently undergoing treatment who are up to 65 years old.

According to the aesthetic demands of each patient, we have different types of braces that are tailored to your needs.

Your treatment may last between 1 and a half years and 2 years, and we will do everything possible to make it a comfortable experience. Our main objective is to give you that straight and harmonious smile that you’ve always wanted, to take care of you during your treatment and to make you happy with the results.

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