At Vasaldora Dental Clinic we want to tell you all about the advantages of zirconium crowns and why they are one of the most aesthetic and durable options. Our team of experts in Dental Aesthetics analyzes and plans each case through the Digital Smile Design (DSD) to show the result before starting. Advanced radiodiagnostic and 3D scanning technology digitally recreates how the smile will look after the dental restoration.

What are zirconia crowns?

It is a type of fixed prosthesis that is placed on the outside of the tooth and is made of zirconium. This ceramic material offers an impressive esthetic result. It does not contain metal and its high transparency achieves a very natural effect.

Zirconium crowns are used in cases of dental restoration, fractured or discolored teeth and implants. Traditionally a metallic material was used for their fabrication but it has been demonstrated that zirconium, thanks to its enamel-like color, improves the esthetics of the smile and prevents wear.

ventajas de las coronas de zirconio vasaldora clinica dental marbella

Caso de éxito de coronas de zirconio.

Advantages of zirconium crowns

One of the main advantages of zirconium crowns is that they integrate perfectly into the gingiva. They are also 100% biocompatible, which avoids allergy problems and makes them suitable, for example, for patients with periodontal problems. Another benefit of zirconium crowns is their light material and their resistance over time. Precisely its resistance means that the patient can eat all types of food without worrying about suffering a fracture.

Traditionally, crowns were made of metal or a combination of metal and ceramic. The disadvantage? There are several disadvantages. One is that over time, when the gums recede, a slight dark margin of the metal becomes visible. This makes the denture look dull. With zirconium crowns you can choose the shade you want and more in line with your natural teeth. Their shade does not change so they will be preserved without darkening.

Zirconium crowns require good oral hygiene. For proper maintenance the patient should brush their teeth normally after every meal, floss and rinse. The cleaning of the junction of the gum, the crown and the adjacent teeth is very important.

Marta, a success story

Our patient Marta came to the clinic thinking she needed orthodontics. However, Dr. César López, a specialist in Esthetics, Prosthetics and Periodontics, carried out a study and concluded that the problem was the dental crowns that the patient had been wearing for more than a decade. They were the wrong size and this affected the mobility of the teeth.
If you want to know what the complete treatment consisted of and what the result was after placing the zirconium crowns, click on the video and you will see for yourself!

marta video ventajas de las coronas de zirconio


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