The consequences of stressful situations caused by the effects of COVID-19 on our daily lives can lead to bruxism, gingivitis and even more cavities.

Have you noticed that during these weeks of confinement you grind or clench your teeth more? Do you feel pain in your jaw? It is probably a consequence of the stress and anguish generated by the current health crisis. Bruxism is a disorder that can cause significant dental wear. Gingivitis or increased caries are also common in stressful situations – you should pay close attention!

Stress affects our health in general. It causes altered breathing, sleep, increased fatigue, difficulty in concentration, mood swings, digestive problems and, of course, oral problems.

The most common consequence is the appearance of bruxism. It is an activity or parafunctional habit by which we clench or grind our teeth in a totally involuntary way. What are the negative effects? It produces wear on the masticatory faces and the necks of the teeth generating dental sensitivity or pain, it affects the enamel and can even cause dental fractures or recession in the gums.

Although it usually occurs at night, since we release more stress while we sleep, it is now also common during the day. Bruxism affects more than 70% of the population in Spain.

From Vasaldora Clínica Dental we value each case to apply the appropriate treatment, although we always recommend the use of a discharge or relaxation splint. This procedure involves the manufacture of a customised splint that adapts to the upper part to prevent direct contact with the lower part. It is usually worn at night.

In addition to preventing wear, it solves other symptoms such as jaw pain, headache or earache, etc. In case of a very severe case, our professionals will evaluate which is the best option to improve the occlusion. One of the most effective treatments is the use of Botox, which relaxes the muscles to avoid ‘grinding’ the teeth.

Another negative effect of stress is the appearance of xerostomia, popularly known as dry mouth, or bleeding gums.

Recommendations for reducing the effect of stress on teeth

● Go to Vasaldora Clínica Dental for an assessment of our team of professionals.

● Maintain adequate oral hygiene. Sometimes stress situations make us neglect, so we must be especially attentive in the daily brushing, use of mouthwashes or dental floss.

● Stretch the muscles of the mouth and do not eat especially hard foods.

● There are different techniques that help fight stress, such as meditation or yoga.


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