During the months of June and July, you can enjoy a 10% discount on your cosmetic dentistry treatment

Although wearing a bright white smile is desirable at any time of year, it is even more so during the summer. Tooth whitening is the best option to achieve this. At Vasaldora Clínica Dental we use Philips Zoom technology, a high-quality dental aesthetic treatment that improves the colour of your smile in a simple and comfortable way. Whitening is a technique for whitening and restoring the shine to the teeth’s enamel.
Teeth are whitened by applying hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, through which oxygen atoms are released. This technology allows the intensity to be adjusted in a personalized way and adapted to the preferences of each patient. Philips Zoom whitens an average of 8 shades of brightness.
Tooth whitening is divided into three 15-minute sessions, performed in a single day. Before applying the treatment, our dental aesthetics professionals perform a pre-cleaning because the effects of whitening are better on plaque-free teeth. The dental whitening performed by the specialists in aesthetics at Vasaldora Clínica Dental stands out for being very complete, effective and stable over time.
Despite this, we recommend that you follow these tips to maintain the effects of whitening for much longer:
  • Take special care of your daily oral hygiene.
  • Avoid excessive consumption of food and drinks that stain the enamel, such as coffee or red fruits. If you drink coffee or tea, we recommend that you brush your teeth as soon as possible to avoid staining.
  • Do not smoke! Tobacco is very harmful to your health in general and especially to the image and enamel of your teeth.

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