With the official start of summer comes cold drinks, ice cream and tooth sensitivity.  In this post we tell you how to identify it and how to prevent it

It is common to notice a lot of sensitivity in your teeth when you drink something very cold or very hot.  This dental hypersensitivity is due to sudden changes in temperature and is more common in summer.  To know if you really suffer from this type of pathology it is necessary to identify the symptoms: it is a painful, intense and brief sensation that appears after consuming a cold drink or food…

From Vasaldora Clínica Dental we recommend waiting a few minutes before ingesting any cold food or drink.    However, this is not the only reason for this dental phenomenon. During the summer months some foods or preparations with an acidic PH are usually consumed, for example fruit or certain vegetables.  This summer habit, together with lack of hygiene or inadequate brushing, causes greater wear to the neck of the tooth and exposure of the dentin, the tissue beneath the enamel.  According to the General Council of Dentists in Spain, eating foods such as yoghurt, cheese, eggs, beef or chicken promotes the absorption of calcium needed to prevent tooth sensitivity in summer.

Avoiding the wear and tear of tooth enamel is, without a doubt, a way to combat the appearance of sensitivity.  Brushing too aggressively or, as we have commented before, eating very acidic foods daily are some of the most common causes.  From Vasaldora, your dental clinic in Marbella, we recommend using a toothpaste specialised in preventing this wear, reducing the consumption of fizzy drinks and using a soft or medium brush.

The truth is that maintaining proper oral hygiene during those months of vacation, disconnection and relaxation is also essential.  It is key to brush your teeth correctly after every meal, which will abrade the enamel and shrink the gums, and don’t forget your regular visit to the office!


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