In the midst of the health crisis caused by the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, oral hygiene, a gateway to any microbe or bacteria, is even more important.

These are some of the general recommendations that, from Vasaldora Dental Clinic, we propose to you to prevent contagion at home by coronavirus. It is essential to take extreme preventive measures to avoid any transmission between family members:

● Avoid cross-contamination. We recommend always placing the brushes separately and not having them in the same container, thus avoiding any possible contagion between them. It is also important to renew the brush and it is advisable to place it in an upright position.

Wash your hands thoroughly before and after brushing your teeth

Dry the brush well. Moisture encourages the growth of bacteria, so it is important to reduce the amount of water left in the brush and dry it as much as possible after brushing.

Use mouthwashes to help reduce the load of microorganisms in the mouth. Although this is not a substitute for regular brushing, it is a good complement to guarantee adequate oral hygiene at home.

Do not forget to take care or clean the tongue to reduce the microbe load. It is as important as the brushing itself. In addition, you can take advantage of the extra time due to the current situation to improve the hygiene technique and take the necessary time to clean. See how to do this in our video guidelines on brushing.

Balance your diet and don’t abuse sweets or sugary drinks. It is easy to fall into over-consumption of products with excess sugar, so it is necessary to remember the importance of an orderly diet. In the case of using orthodontics, it is recommended to avoid eating hard or dense foods that may make later cleaning difficult.

Pay special attention to the oral hygiene of the children of the house. Parents must supervise the brushing of children and teach them how to do it correctly.

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