Are you already preparing for the arrival of summer? Do you want to show off a whiter and brighter smile during the vacations? One of the dental aesthetic treatments that we recommend at Vasaldora is Phillips Zoom whitening to lighten the shade of your teeth in a simple way. Teeth whitening helps the patient to recover their white teeth immediately.

The treatment is performed in a single day, divided into three sessions of just 15 minutes each. In addition, Zoom whitening by Philips is safe and our expert team in Dental Aesthetics designs a personalized plan that fits perfectly to the patient’s needs. At Vasaldora we perform a check-up to verify your proper oral health before starting the treatment. Also a dental cleaning to remove any remaining bacterial plaque.

The procedure, which whitens up to 8 shades of tooth coloration, is based on the use of a LED light lamp to activate a hydrogen peroxide whitening material. A technique that whitens stains without altering the tooth structure. This type of treatment is allowed from the age of 18, although it depends on each patient.

To preserve the naturalness of the teeth despite the passage of time, in Vasaldora we add to the Philips Zoom whitening, a professional pack for use at home. These gels protect the enamel, reduce sensitivity and help to improve the brightness of the smile.

Healthy habits for teeth whitening

The success of the treatment and its duration depends largely on the patient. Vasaldora recommends simple lifestyle habits to enhance the results of teeth whitening:

1. Reduce excessive consumption of coffee or other beverages that generate stains on teeth such as, for example, red wine.
2. Combine daily brushing with an electric toothbrush with a whitening paste to keep your smile whiter for longer.
3. Stop smoking or reduce smoking as much as possible.
4. Brushing teeth right after ingesting acidic drinks or foods.
5. A healthy diet is also important to maintain a healthy and well-groomed smile.


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