After the Dental Aesthetic treatment performed by Vasaldora’s specialists, Sonia now shows her smile without complexes and has already said goodbye to the discomfort of chewing.

Today we explain you the case of our patient Sonia, who visited us a few months ago to recover her smile and end the discomfort and chewing problems she had suffered for years.
Sonia came to Vasaldora with a worrying situation in her teeth. She had a severe infection in the right area that needed to be treated immediately.

In addition, she had porcelain crowns that were more than a decade old, with evident aesthetic wear and loss of color of the crowns. For this reason Sonia requested a renewal of the old crowns, also on the left side, to improve the harmony of her smile.

After a complete clinical and radiographic diagnosis, the team of specialists in Dental Aesthetics developed a personalized treatment roadmap totally adapted to her situation.
After the assessment, the entire upper jaw was restored over the healthy remaining teeth and implants, as well as on the new implants placed on the right side. Sonia is very happy and satisfied with the result of the Digital Smile Design (DSD) treatment as we managed to maintain the essence of her natural teeth, improving the aesthetics of her facial expression as well.

What is Digital Smile Design?

Treatment planning through digital tools and 3D technology allows us to anticipate the result and show how the patient’s smile will look before starting. It is not a single treatment, but a global assessment that allows us to decide precisely the treatment plans integrating different specialties. The teeth are modified so that their shape, position and size are in harmony with the patient’s facial anatomy.

If you would like to meet the team of experts in Digital Smile Design at Vasaldora Clínica Dental, in the center of Marbella, and obtain more information about this technique, call us on 952 76 56 56 or send us an e-mail to info@vasaldora.com


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