These are some fundamental recommendations to avoid the appearance of tartar during the summer holidays.

The accumulation of tartar in the mouth is an oral issue that may affect dental aesthetics but also causes bad breath and even the loss of teeth. During the summer holidays it is common to neglect hygiene or consume certain foods and drinks that worsen its appearance.

In Vasaldora Dental Clinic we believe it is important to remember some key recommendations to prevent its appearance and avoid its negative consequences: gingivitis or gum inflammation, cavities, bad breath or halitosis…

But what are the causes of tartar? Tartar is the result of the mineralization of bacterial plaque, which can also form on the edge of the gums and below them, irritating the tissues. This is caused by improper brushing, alcohol consumption or smoking.

To prevent tartar, we recommend that you follow these guidelines to maintain good oral health:

1. Proper brushing, at least three times a day, to remove any remaining plaque.

2. Use dental floss to clean where the toothbrush cannot reach and make oral hygiene more complete.

3. Visit the dentist regularly to have your teeth cleaned and follow the specialist’s advice.

4. Avoid excessive consumption of food or sugary drinks, which influence the formation of bacterial plaque and the appearance of tartar.

Does saliva produce tartar?

On some occasions saliva is a determining factor in the appearance of tartar. This is due to the varying pH level of the saliva itself. If it is acidic, that is, below 7, it favours the appearance of certain bacterias, causes cavities and the accumulation of tartar.
Why does this happen? It varies depending on the person and external or genetic factors.


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