It is a dental aesthetic technique that allows to visualize the result before starting the treatment.

Charles Chaplin said that a day without a smile is a day lost. At Vasaldora Clínica Dental we believe in that premise to the letter. That is why we work every day to make our patients’ smiles represent who they are and how they feel. To achieve this we have different Dental Aesthetic treatments and specialists in the design of smiles.

Orthodontics and porcelain veneers are the basis of our Digital Smile Design (DSD) treatment. Our team of specialists proceeds to make the design of the new smile by computer and according to their facial and emotional characteristics. Then a live simulation is performed so that the patient can see how his smile will look after the treatment. We always take into account aspects such as the position, colour and size of the teeth.

It is important to remember that, before any technique of Dental Aesthetics, it is necessary that the oral health of the patient is optimal. To do this we carry out a previous medical-clinical study with digital technology to assess whether the treatment is indicated. And the fact is that wearing a beautiful smile is also a sign of oral health.

As for the most demanded treatments in the specialty of Dental Aesthetics are porcelain or composite veneers and teeth whitening. According to the General Council of Dentists, cosmetic treatments, implants and orthodontics are the most demanded treatments, with a growth of 96 percent in ten years.


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